Monday, 14 February 2011

Shap. Angels, Crashes and new friends

Well Funky February is in full swing, although not as funky as I first thought. I decided that maybe this year, I would try to tame the funk.

It started just as normal, with tears and tantrums. Feeling so sorry for myself and wondering why life was treating me this way. Crying for hours (one whole day in fact) for no apparent reason. Yep, I was feeling the fuckin funk.

But then... after friends (twitter peeps) lent their ears and emails, February was beginning to shrink in size.

Then there were the girls.

I love the people that I have met over the year, and I love my best friend (you know who you are) but there is something great about having girl friends. And girls who cycle just kick fucking ass! Any girl who cycles knows the woes of having to pee mid ride, what its like when you are suffering from that time of the month, and the embarrassment of pulling your stuff out of your jersey pocket, only to have a tampon land on the table. They are great at helping you kick the shit out of your funk and they love cake, just as much as me.

So it only seemed appropriate that as I love my girls, and cake, and chocolate, that when I was asked to have a ride up Shap with a lovely lady, I shuttered, made myself sick with worry, but after the promise of visiting the chocolate factory at Orton, I gave in. I did make it up Shap (fuck you funk) and indeed made it to the chocolate factory.Unfortunately our ride was cut short when one of the riders came off her bike, with an almighty bounce! (actually lots of bounces) Fortunately she is ok, I imagine just sore and in need of a new crash hat. But hey, it means that we will do that ride again, and it also means another stop at the chocolate factory too.

And then there is Angels, Fight Club and Breakaway. Sufferfest workouts for the turbo to help you royally kick the February Funks little ass! Some cyclists poo poo turbo, stating stupid things like "weather makes a cyclist" Well, I dont like the cold, or frozen rain, and cold fuckin wind, so turbo at least keeps my legs spinning. And if you have done a Sufferfest workout you do more then bloody spin, you sweat, swear and even sometimes, throw up a little in your mouth.

So Funky February! You may have just met your match! A few friends and a few rides and February will be long and truly over!

So off the sofa I get! See you all out on the roads.

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