Monday, 31 January 2011

Funky February

February is here sooner then I can wash my knickers, but unfortunately so is the February funk. Actually occurring a bit sooner then usual.

I hate February, its a useless month, and generally, although the shortest, feels like the longest.

And now, in my funk, I am realizing that everyone around me is increasing their cycling miles and hours. No one is scared of the risk of ice which is still around and I constantly hear or read "rode 50 miles in 2 hours and it felt great" Well la de da to you!!! Im so glad you can ride so many miles in so little time!!! And Im ever so glad you feel so great when I feel so low! Oh and whilst your at it, why not try add that stupid, intolerable saying "dont worry, you've got time, its not spring yet" whilst you waffle on about how much time you have had on your bike this week,

Its fucking winter! The other day I went out on my road bike, only to have to help pick up an unknown cyclist off the pavement after he slid across the ice. I had to dodge a serious amount of old and now ever so new potholes brought on by the shit winter, and my cheeks were colder then an Inuits igloo. Alright it didnt feel so bad, and its always nice to be on the bike.

Then there's always the alternative, the turbo in the spare room. Discovering The Sufferfest has proved a good workout and may be a good way to keep pedalling whilst keeping warm.

But the one thing I guess I need is to get out of this funk. Easier said then done.

Not working is not a great motivator. Some say "how lucky" but I think being unemployed without a lot of cash to live comfortably is not enjoyable. Others say "you can cycle anytime you want!" Very true, but again, being in a funk means its hard to get motivated, and it can get rather lonely getting out on your own all the time.

And even cake is no longer playing its comfort game.

So what happens now? Maybe as I have just accumulated a new mtb I should get out more on that? Or continue river laps on the cx bike to help me with this funk. Or is it spending more time with friends to compensate for the fact that most days I spend by myself. Oh and if you know me well enough, time on my own can be my own worse enemy. I make up scenarios in my head and then convince myself that they are bound to be true.

I know I shouldn't worry to much about my riding, not like Im ever going to be very good at it, and Im never going to be a racer, but I dont want to be left behind, and whilst everyone else is building up their miles im sadly being left on my own, and soon I wont be able to ride with anyone without holding them back.

So I am back to the beginning, everyone increasing their mileage and me pedalling backwards.So if anyone knows the cure for my Funk, I would be greatly appreciative if you shared it with me. And if you dont have a cure then please dont brag about how great it felt to do 50 miles in 2 hours. Thanks


  1. Those who want to do something do it, those who dont, find an excuse

  2. Firstly...that’s a great piece of writing, and I can sympathise with you on many levels, but not sure where to start. Riding in icy conditions is too dangerous (I came off a few yrs ago,, hit my face etc), being unemployed is pants too, even though I'm studying, still hard to get motivated, and there is only so many hours of cycling us mere mortals can do. You can be good though, I started training for racing in winter of 2009 and now I'm really into it, I can send you a training prog/ideas if you want. Other than that feel free to talk/chat to me anytime, it might help us both through some crappy times.

  3. You've been doing turbo and the odd ride which is *way* more than I've been doing. I'm hoping a new bike will motivate me to start pedalling again but it isn't here yet and until it is I'm going to sit here getting fat(ter), although I have managed a few visits to the gym now.
    What I really need is some warm sunshine.

  4. yeah!! allelujah! how glad i am to hear that there's someone out there not logging the miles. i live in vancouver - and it's not winnipeg - but it's still too cold, dark and wet to ride. so all the pedalling i've been doing is on a spin bike sadly.
    chin up mate ... spring will come eventually .. and then we'll ride .. and no we won't be superstars .. but we'll be grinning like fools on our bikes then.