Thursday, 3 March 2011

Still learning

I almost, yes almost, made it through the month of February without any serious tantrums, it was going so well until the mountain bike ride on Sunday 27th. 5 min into the trail, and off I go, landed on a rock and put a wee dent in my knee, although it felt as if someone had crushed my knee cap with a hammer!!!!

FFS!!! Learning to ride a bike has its drawbacks.

So what do I need to successfully learn how to ride a bike properly?

Mountain Bike wise, Im thinking knee pads may be a good investment? Already a proud owner of elbow pads, and a new helmet after my previous tumble, maybe I will add knee pads to my attire. Actually, if anyone has any spare cotton wool, I could always just wrap myself up, then you can just push me down the hill.

Then maybe there is the fact that I need more practice, "practice makes perfect" so they say, absolute fucking bollocks!!! Could you imagine a perfect mountain biker?? Well I guess if they were saying perfect looking, but then Im already gorgeous so I dont need to work any more at that (as if) But yes, I need to get out a bit more, on trails I can trust aren't going to chew me up and spit me out.

I think the most important thing I need when riding the mtb is just some more confidence. Every time you fall you lose it for a little while, and to be honest, every time I encounter a steep descent I still pee my pants a little. But I still enjoy getting on the mtb and I do know that one day I will be flying down the hills laughing rather then crying.

Road Bike wise, Im not quite sure what I need. Last year I thought it was a carbon bike, and yes, it did help. Some people may say its not the bike but the person who is pedalling, I think their just sad people without carbon :) Oh and might I add you also need SIDI shoes to go with said bike.

I then thought, maybe I needed people to ride with, so I went on twitter, I found people, I rode with people and I enjoyed myself. But sometimes the frustrating thing about riding with people as that the majority are faster, and better climbers. And yes, I know, its good to ride with people better then you, its supposed to be challenging (something like that anyways) And the people I have ridden with have been pretty brilliant and patient, but it can make me feel worse when I know their waiting for me, or riding very slow so I can keep up.I know they dont mean to make me feel that way, thats just my own insecurities.

But really I think I just need to get my fat ass off the sofa and ride my bike. My lovely carbon bike, still in the shed until the muck spreading, hedge trimming and salting disappears. Only a few more weeks on the winter bike and I will feel nothing but light air between my thighs. (hmmm not sure thats the best way to describe it) But yes, ride my bike, lots, and you know what, if Im slower then everyone else, its either because Im riding behind boys that look delicious in their Lycra, Ive got a bit transfixed with the view, Ive got cake, or I may have just fallen off (in that case can you come back and help me up please)


  1. Stumbled across your blog just now...

    As an owner of two bad wrists, I vote for wrist guards/supports.

    Also, lower your seat when going downhill; the pee will subside.

  2. OMG I have the same dilemma about riding in a group -I stress so much about keeping up that its not fun anymore, or I fall behind & that's not fun either. What's a girl to do?