Tuesday, 8 March 2011

my dream ride

Ive been studying the relationship of the teams in the pro peloton for a couple of years. Watching the classics and the tours closely to see how the teams work together to ensure the ride is safe, fast and their man wins.

Its the beauty of the sport, the family that is created around one rider to ensure that they are on the podium.

Even the slower riders have their place.

Occasionally riders will invariably fall off the back. A climb beyond their capabilities, a pace just a bit to fast, an injury or illness, or just a bad day. But their job within the family is not forgotten, and at then end of the day they all get on the same bus and head back to their hotels, together.

The thing to remember is that the ones that fall off the back are never alone, and many times team mates are sent back to bring their rider back into the group, or, their is always another rider with the same issues at their side, team cars, police and a broom wagon, just in case.

Its the peloton that inspires the type of ride I think I love. A group, working together, to keep everyone within an arms reach. To ensure that every rider is safe and secure within their own peloton, no matter how small it is. Where riders pull each other along and motivate each other. Where a pace is set that most can cope with, and if one flags and drops off the back, someone is there to ensure they to are safe.

Its the type of ride that can inspire every kind of rider to stay on their bikes, to continue to ride and one day, to be the one who is helping the slower rider back into the middle of the peloton.

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