Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011 The Year of the Bike

Oh joy! January has arrived and not a minute to soon. 2010 wasn't the greatest year for certain parts of my life but when it came to cycling it wasn't that bad.

It started out horrendous with illnesses and injuries but I got there in the end, and the best part was the people I met and the riding I accomplished.

So 2011 brings all sorts of new things, and again I have begun it with a downer. A cold over Christmas that hasn't really disappeared and unfortunately my hand/wrist is causing me all sorts of bother. But hey, I'm a girl, I can handle it.

So where do I start? Turbo? Oh how fun. I don't understand how people can like the turbo. Ok so it keeps you warm, but its noisy (sounds like an airplane taking off when your cadence is high) you pedal forever and you dont get anywhere (feels like certain road rides last year), you dont get to rest going downhill (ok so some of you continue to pedal going down too, why???) you dont get to wear all your fancy waterproof, winter kit, you are all alone and there is no cake or Illy.

But turbo may be a good place to start, bring up my fitness after almost 3 weeks with a cold/virus.

I could then get on my cx bike, ok so season is over but I'm not a racer so does it really matter? Besides no ones going to see me and it saves having to get the road bike off the turbo. And besides, my new stem has finally arrived and I can finally finish it off completely.

I also purchased a new MTB frame (yes yes I have no job and yet I buy a new frame, you would to for £275) so I can build that up and hit the trails. But I dont like going out on the mtb by myself, Im a bit scared that I will fall off (always do) and have no one there to feel sorry for me.

So 2011 what will it bring? My first sportive? Hope to do the Le Terrier in June, and we will see what other ones come up. Get more confident on the mtb and kill reds (ROAR), lose a stone (lol lol lol lol lol lol) not eat as much cake ( dont be so fucking stupid) and my main goal, to do a 100 mile ride in the Kendal area.

So wish me luck making 2011 my year of the bike.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I wish you well with these goals of yours and hope that 2011 turns out to really be the 'year of the bike' for you,
    I have been setting a few cycling goals of my own.