Sunday, 12 December 2010

cycling winter blues

The weather has gone fucking cold, but I prepared myself early for this. I built a cx bike to not only use off road but to also use as a safer way to ride out when there's a bit of frost, or muck, or even snow on the roads. Then Paul lent me winter tyres, the ones with lil spikes, to use on the mtb, allowing me to safely get about and keep fit without using the turbo. But the one thing that I forgot to prepare for was the lack of self motivation I tend to suffer from.

Someone should have warned me that lack of motivation leads to ass growth, ever disappearing fitness and more lack of motivation.

In two weeks I have barely been out, and haven't once yet set up the turbo. And now I feel like crap. So disappointed in myself and pissed off that Ive spent all this money to ensure I keep my fitness and here I am, sat on my sofa, writing a blog after a weekend full of takeaways and Xmas party dinners. I feel like one of those people with all the kit and no fucking clue.

I could blame so many things. Being unemployed is becoming a bit of a let down. I set foot in the Job centre for the first time last week and felt and was treated like scum of the earth. My hands have been so fucking sore lately that its finally starting to keep me up at night again. Im tired of riding on my own. I suck. But I know the main reason is because I have just gotten lazy.

So how do you motivate yourself? Its -5 outside, there's snow, and turbo numbs my already failing brain. Whats the trick?

I didn't want this winter to be like last years. I spent the majority of my time fighting off illnesses and when It came to spring I was so unfit it took all bloody summer to get to a point where I was sort of becoming confident.

I cant ride in groups because everybody is way stronger then me. I wanted to use this winter to train hard so I wasn't dropped all the time. So I wasn't ashamed of my riding ability. So what can I do?

Where do you start? When Its so easy to make excuses, how do you change your train of thought?

I am suffering from some serious cycling winter blues.


  1. If you learn the "trick" then let me know ;) It's so hard to get motivated :-( Also, it is widely know that the job centre staff are a bunch of pricks.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Yeah lack of motivation can be a problem. After I finished Radiotherapy for cancer in September it was really difficult to get back on the bike and start training.

    What I did was just to announce to everybody that I would cycle from Gibraltar back to the UK in one years time. Target 1500 miles/15 days. Once I had announced that- I had to start getting fit otherwise I would look pretty stupid.
    Three months in and all on target.

    Just come up with a good challenge for yourself and tell everyone.....!!!

  3. aye, winter motivation isn't easy. For me riding with mates gives motivation. I've met lots of people who apologise for holding up a group, often they're not even the slowest rider. On MTB rides the other riders aren't usually bothered though. I'd suggest finding a small or large group of mates who are fine with waiting for slower people. Then just try your hardest & don't feel guilty.