Sunday, 11 July 2010

without technology

I recently went on holiday to California (i will post a blog about this later) and brought my laptop, and my mobile phone. I always thought that I was the kind of person who could live without the latest technology, that a day without my mobile, or twitter, wouldn't phase me. Then disaster struck. No signal! No wifi! OMG no fucking signal!!!! For hours, actually for more then 24 hours! I have never in my life checked my phone so many times and every time I turned it on my heart sunk, I got cranky, I started to sweat and I was on edge. For fuck sake! I lived in the bloody wilderness for years and didn't even own a laptop until 4 years ago. I am strong, and I can survive Lake District winters without shooting myself, and yet I panic when I don't have a mobile phone signal????? Ok so your laughing... thinking, god this woman is a loser. You roll your eyes and think, I could do it, it wouldn't phase me, I don't need to be connected to the outside world. HA HA then I challenge you. Give me your mobile and your computer, your tv (did I mention I had no tv either) and then survive for 24 hours without them. In the time you are without it keep track of all the brilliant things you could tweet about, or when you need to search for something because your lost or bored. How will you spend your time?

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  1. I'm getting better at coping. A weekend in Kielder was fine, but I knew there was no reception in advance. The second I got home it was onto the interweb though!