Thursday, 10 June 2010

Today was a pretty shit day. I work for a corporate bank (not a rope long enough) who have decided that awarding stars for doing a good job was a good idea.

So you can nominate anyone for a star award for basically anything. So and So stayed back 10 min after work to wait for the manager whilst he talked on the phone, will get you a stars nomination. What the fuck??? You don't get praise for cleaning up everyones shit. Or doing everyone elses job but hey if you serve 10 customers in an 8 hour shift you may get a star in the mail.

So you may ask why I'm so pissed off about this? Doesn't everyone deserve a star? No they fucking dont! A fucking shitty star shaped cut out of a piece of coloured fucking paper! All that it does is make the people that dont get one feel like absolute incompetent fools and the one who is nominated turns into a fucking king or queen of the castle!

What ever happened to a thank you? Are managers that fucking lazy that they cant be assed to give you a pat on the back for a job well done. And why is it that the people who least deserve it get nominated? What the fuck is up with this bloody world?

I do a good job. Actually I basically do everyones job. I never get a thank you and definitely not a fucking star! I feel like Earl the Office Manager :-/ (those of you who watch friends may remember Earl)

The worst part is, I get really upset at myself for caring, then I work myself in to a depressive state and feel sorry for my ass. I even had a bit of a cry. (other factors were also involved in the tears) All because nobody nominated me for a star award :/ But then again, I could carry an elderly lady 5 miles in a blizzard so she could withdrawal £5 from her account, earn millions of pounds for the company, sell 1000 mortgages in a week and someone else would get nominated for turning up for work on time 4 out of 5 days.

But hey, thats life isnt it or should I say thats work.

My day did get much better. Took the Roubaix out for a spin. Had a lovely cuppa tea and a piece of cake with my best friend and came home to curl up in my favorite dressing gown. Now thats life :)

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