Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The first of many

What do you write about in your first blog? Something to get people interested? Or maybe just what you are thinking at this moment in time. Maybe a little about me? Well that could either get me loads of interest or none at all.

Im pretty fabulous! Actually more like an olive, some love me others definatly do not. I cant spell worth shit and Im to lazy to use spell check. I love cycling, everything about cycling really, except for people who pretent their a cyclist and they get on a bike twice a year. And I love twitter, mainly to discuss how much I love cycling.

Im a bit unfit at the moment. Its frustrating to say the least. Everyone around me seems to be months ahead in their fitness and I am being left behind. I take around 20 painkillers a day and am undergoing treatment for an injury.

Rants and things that are pants.

Where do I start? Maybe with just one rant because if I get started I will have nothing left to write about.

It really bothers me when people whithold information to make themselves look better! Or those who embelish the truth. Just be your fucking self! If your scared its cuz people wont like you then just remember this. People wont like you when they find out you have been lying the whole time. They will fiquer out that you are not who you say you are. Unless of course they are just as stupid as you.

So many people care to much about what others will think. Grow the fuck up! You will become a better person when you stop trying so hard to impress others.

I feel much better for getting that off my chest :)

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