Wednesday, 20 October 2010

October belongs to learning and girls

Well October has been quite a month. I went to London for the first time but managed to spend most of my time at the cycle show. It was a bit of an eye opener, a bit of a let down, but with a little positive spin on things. I saw alot of bikes and alot of kit for a lot of men, not so much on the female side though. Even some of the woman I met wernt so forth coming with information. Maybe woman dont want anymore competition in a male dominated work place? Ahh well theres always room for one more.

I then took a trip to Paris, where there is romance everywhere. I spent plenty of time watching the world go by and plenty of brave people on bikes fight with the traffic. The one thing I noticed was the amount of woman who ride, actually more then the men. Most with single speed or 3 speed bikes that look like they could fall apart with each pedal stroke. But they ride. And the most annoying part, they look fucking fabulous whilst doing it.

Im still learning to ride. Returned to Newcastleton for a lesson in NOT putting your foot down and choosing lines that are actually achievable of riding. Had a spotter though as Paul stood by the rocks waiting to catch me if I were to fall, lol mountain biking is a hard sport to learn!!!!

Had my first group ride this month as well. 9 tweeters headed out into the cold for some gossiping and of course cake, nom nom nom. Fuck me though, one thing I learned is I still tire easily as I was left for dust by the end :( did kinda make me want to chuck the bike in the river. And the worst bit was at the end everyone fed themselves on bacon butties at Wilfs. I Hate bacon butties. They are shit. Oh but besides getting my fat ass royally kicked on the ride I did enjoy myself. And the mozzarella and tomato sandwich I bought at artisan whilst watching the peasants eat there gross sarnies was beautiful.

The one noticeable thing on the tweet up ride was the amount of mountain bikers in the Wheelbase parking lot. They were mostly woman! Well actually Paul noticed first as his eyeballs were constantly popping out of his head. Im actually glad it wasnt something else that was popping out as that would have been most interesting in lycra shorts :-/But there were woman everywhere and on half decent bikes too.

And then today I visited Whinlatter and to be honest the woman out numbered the boys :) It was brilliant to see. Especially as it was a lovely cold day, which kinda goes against what that boy from Endura was waffling on about at the cycle show. Woman are kicking ass on the trails and the road!

So next month will bring learning to ride cyclocross style, but for now Im continuing my cycling education. Pushing myself just a little and making room for more and more woman to join in. Soon we will overtake the boys and demand better bikes with better spec and better fucking kit! With no pink! Thats right boys move over, girls with attitude have discovered cycling!

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