Friday, 13 August 2010

learning to ride

Ok so Im gonna complain a bit. IAM SUFFERING!!! Covered in scrapes, bruises and bumps, feeling sick, headache and feeling a bit retarded :-/

I am learning how to ride a bike and its fucking hard!

Ok so I actually learned how to ride a bike a long time ago. I dont quite remember the specifics but im sure it involved training wheels and possibly a few falls, but its something you seem to always remember how to do.

But now Im learning how to ride grown up bikes, both road and mountain bikes with carbon, and spd's and shiny shimano parts. And for fucks sake! Why didnt someone say that you dont just get on a bike and pedal.

Apparently there are ways to ride up and down hills, and when to use your front and rear brakes, when to shift up and down, when to sit, when to stand, probably when to fart. (i would imagine this would be when your going up a stinker of a climb and you need to dispose of excess weight whilst giving you a little acceleration)

Im not trying to complain, I love riding a bike, but it hurts learning!

So as I learn I will write about my efforts, tell you my stories of crashes and successes.

I went out on the mtb with Hutty on Sunday, to Keilder. The trail, Lonesome Pine.They said the route was an introductory red those who were ready to go from Blue to Red. It wasnt my first red, only doing South Side Whinlatter and Mabie the previous weekend. But I still felt I needed something a bit tame.

Introductory my fucking ASS!!!! Intro to pain and suffering more like it. The review should have read. For those who want a red that involves climbing, climbing and more climbing, followed by a steep fucking start with a trail bedded with sand that is eroding away leaving loose rocks and boulders, then this trail is for you!

I think it should be an intro to how to fall off your bike! And people said that ride was boring! Only boring because after you fall off and you feel a bit woozy you have to walk down the fucking trail.

I did an impressive fall though! Ended up on my back, head facing down the trail and legs in the air. Like a turtle really. Not quite sure what Hutty thought when he found me?? After assessing my surroundings and injuries, there wasnt much else to do but laugh! Oh I am a retard!

And I did get back on the bike after a bit of a walk through the rough bits. Maybe I got on the bike so quickly so I wouldnt kill all my confidence but I think It was only because I wanted to get back to the parking lot and tend to my wounds.

But the show must go on. My bruises are slowly disappearing, my neck is almost able to move again, and Im really starting to miss my bikes.

Next weekend its learning how to ride parts 2 and 3 as I venture to Glentrool and Kirroughtree, Im sure another blog post will arrive after that, hopefully a success story and not one about injuries. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

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