Thursday, 2 September 2010

rambling on about tossers

Let me start by saying that when you are learning to ride bikes the last thing you need is some ass to put you off for life.

There always has to be one who believes he is the ultimate rider, the one who everyone should look to as a god. The truth about these tossers is they are generally lazy, weekend riders, with all the expensive kit and not a fucking clue how the rest of the world rides.

I hate those pricks.

Its hard enough having to contend with drivers on the road, and pedestrians hurling abuse, now I have to put up with egotistical cyclists? Seriously???

It took me a long time to find something I loved, cycling has become my escape, my fitness and my passion. It is something that I take great pride in. I ride both road and mountain, and I am currently building a cyclocross bike. I am not fussy what bike im riding as long as I get to ride.

What I dont understand is those who are so unwelcoming to new people in the sport. Are they wanting to keep riding to themselves? In my experience the more people who are involved in a sport the more funding is produced which could be used for better roads or trail centres. More people riding more people to try and change things, especially things like being unalbe to ride on footpaths, or to ticket drivers who always use the cycle lane. If we all worked together think of what could be done.

So Ive decided, all egotistical cyclists who think they are better then everyone else should be banished to the desert. There they can try to ride their bikes in sand storms and contend with camels and appalling heat followed by freezing nights.

However, all the fabulous people that I have met through cycling, may your roads always be paved and your trails always be fast.

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  1. I wanna mountain bike :( waah. And I agree, bunch of nobs some of em. Thats why I joined my cycling club, they were (still are) lovely people, all of em.